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Injectable Facial Fillers, Rhinoplasty (non-surgical)

Procedures: Injectable Facial Fillers, Rhinoplasty (non-surgical)


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty with Juvederm Voluma


Facial fillers can be used to perform a “non-surgical rhinoplasty”, or “liquid rhinoplasty” that can even out irregularities along the bridge of the nose, raise the nasal bridge, or camouflage¬†a dorsal hump on the profile view. ¬†In this patient, Juvederm Voluma was used to perform a liquid rhinoplasty. During the treatment, ice is used to numb the nasal dorsum, and a small needle is used to inject the filler. Results are instant. As with any filler injection, occasionally tenderness at the injection site, or a small bruise may occur, though this is uncommon.

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