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How to Get the Lips You Want

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lip shapesThe key to getting the sultry lips you want is realizing that one size (and shape) does not fit all when it comes to lip enhancement.  We have all seen the trout pout lips-gone-wrong of Lindsay Lohan, Meg Ryan, Lisa Rinna, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson- to name just a few.  In their desire to get the luscious look of Angelina Jolie, they, and their surgeons, went astray.  Plumping the lips with injectable fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, or with permanent implants like PermaLip, CAN create a sultry, sexy look, but it has to be done skillfully, and artfully.  The key to getting natural-looking lip enhancement is working with the natural shape of your lips, and knowing how to optimize and sexify the shape you have, not trying to transform your lip shape into Angelina Jolie’s.  Lips come in many shapes and sizes, and you should choose a surgeon who realizes this.  The goal should not to be to change you into someone else, but to help you look your best. For more information on lip enhancement, contact us.

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